AKP, Beverage Photographer Jakarta

This title had a lots of debate before it posted. If you check it on google, the keyword is not that what people search most, however BukanFotograferMakanan.com take this keyword as one of the target. It is true, Beverage needs special care for it. Now it is time for AKP, beverage photographer jakarta to get into it more deeper. Beverages needs special care to shoot it, and most of photographer having a hard time to get the work done.

What is important in Shooting Beverage

The process is determined the result. The thirsty feeling is the most important thing to create.  whatever you do in the process, the result needs to be slurpy thirsty. The process need a time coordination well between barista / drink maker to props stylist and photographer. Beverage photographer jakarta needs to make sure all property are set in proper place. The lighting gears are perfectly arranged to achieved wanted result. The camera setting and position well set to capture fast and right before the beverage changed. see akp drink portfolio

Cold Beverages vs Hot Beverages

Cold and Hot beverages have each own character to shown. The cold needs to looks cold and sweaty. The hot needs to look hot and steamy. This result is not always easy to get in just one shoot. Sometimes needs to combine many frames to get it done right.

Beverages Shoot for JJ Royal Brasserie